Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I customize my shed and what are the different sizes available for each shed structure?

Our three models are based on a standard 10’ x 12’ footprint but can be customized based on your needs. Also, various finish options are available for each model based on customer preference. Our design team can help you through the finish selection process

How does my site need to be prepared for installation of a Shed Life Shed?

Site preparation will be based upon final placement of your shed.  For example, Shed’s place on flat ground will require compacted aggregate base.

Sheds placed on hill or slopes will require concrete piles at the four corners.  To determinate your project needs please contact our design department.

Do I need to get a permit?

This will be decided upon your local jurisdiction, shed size and shed usage.  Our design team has experience navigating this process and can provide assistance.

How long does the typical installation process take?

1-2 weeks depending on availability and readiness of the building pad.

Do you ship and install outside of California?

At this time we do not install outside of California but we do ship. Installation outside of California will be in the near future.

Can I purchase one of these if I live outside of California?

Yes, you can purchase online or by phone.

Does Shed Life offer Financing?

We recommend using a service like Acorn Finance for your shed.

Do I need to have electricity set up myself if I want lights?

Yes, It is recommended that prior to installation your building pad include the necessary electricity hookups based on your desired use of your Shed Life Shed. We will help you through this process.

Can I leave out features to save money?

Yes, you can leave out finishes and features and just purchase the basic package if you choose.

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